Youth Unit

Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities               (SSCEM) Youth Unit


Youth Unit of SSCEM has commenced services since 28 July 2014. The Youth Unit is sponsored by Home Affairs Department (HAD). It is established to strengthen the support services for the ethnic minorities who are living in Hong Kong as initiated in the Policy Address 2014.


1.   To provide the youth appropriate activities to keep them away from negative influences in the community 

2. To strengthen the social and supportive network of the youth

3. To develop the capacity and resilience ability of the youth

4. To provide the youth guidance and support in various aspects in times of difficulties and hardships

5. To facilitate the youth to develop life goals and to raise their aspirations 



    a. Personal and talent development programme

        (Self-understanding and life planning)

    b. Skills training programmes

       (Social skills, EQ enhancement, problem solving skills and self-control)

    c. Interest and healthy activities

        (Sports, arts and cultural activities)

    d. Volunteer service

    e. Counselling and guidance

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For details, please contact Youth Unit (2479 9757/6434 2721).


Target Users

Hong Kong ethnic minority residents who aged 9 - 27



Ying, Sahera or Bipin 
Office: 2479 9757
Whatsapp: 6434 2721
Ig: The.Youth.Unit