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The ethnic minorities (EM) face language barrier in Hong Kong as the majority of them couldn't communicate in Cantonese with the locals. Moreover, only a few of the EM students could proceed to the local universities and thus, our education team provide language classes, after-school primary and secondary tutorial classes and education system orientation for equipping them to face the challenges.

Our service purposes include:


Enhance the EM their language abilities for daily communication in Hong Kong.


Strengthen the EM students' competitive power through enhancing their academic performance.


Our education service provides

1.     Language classes in both Chinese (Cantonese) and English at different levels for their adaptation to life in Hong Kong: As language barrier is a big problem for the new immigrants of ethnic minorities when they adapt to a new environment in Hong Kong. In order to meet their needs, our education service always provides language classes in both Chinese (Cantonese) and English.

2.     After school tutorial classes:
In order to improve the Ethnic Minorities Students' academic performance,we also provide ten after school tutorial classes in different districts in Hong Kong. The major target groups are primary school pupils and junior secondary school students. We aim at helping them to finish their homework with special focus on Mathematics and Chinese subjects.

3.     Education system orientation
Since many EM parents and students are not familiar with the education system in Hong Kong, our team always organizes education system orientation talks for them so that they would  know more channels for seeking school places and educational opportunities.

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